Sports Medicine

​The Front Range is home to a surprising number of athletes ranging from Olympians to weekend warriors.  No matter where you fit on that spectrum, odds are good that you have experienced some pain while playing or performing.  

It is okay to challenge your body to reach new heights and set new personal records.  However, your body also needs focused attention to heal and repair.  

We provide individualized treatment for all kinds of sports injuries: acute pains, chronic aches, soreness, and weakness.  

Our Broomfield office is housed within the Colorado Physical Therapy Institute, which has been treating professional athletes and members of the community since 1987.

In addition to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the Colorado Physical Therapy Institute also offers massage, Anodyne Light Therapy, and a comprehensive array of physical therapy and rehabilitation services.  The office houses a full therapy gym including weight and cardio machines, as well as specialized treatment equipment.

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