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About me

I am a Boulder resident, acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist. I am passionate about helping others, serving my community, and enjoying the outdoors.

I moved to Boulder in 1999, started my health career in 2003, received a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree in 2012, and have been practicing East Asian medicine ever since.

I first encountered acupuncture as a patient in 2006. I was impressed with the results I experienced, and became inspired to share the gift of health with others. In 2020, I will be coming "home:" moving my practice to the exact building where I first encountered acupuncture as a patient years ago!

After four years and over 3,400 hours of training, I opened my first office in Boulder. Offices in Broomfield and Denver soon followed.  I returned to Boulder full time in 2015.

Practicing Chinese medicine is immensely gratifying, allowing me to help others achieve their health goals, overcome illness and injury, and do so in a natural, effective, and holistic manner.

I am continually advancing my studies and skills, and integrate current research with ancient traditions to provide the most effective treatment.

I look forward to working with you toward your health goals.

Education and Certifications

University of Colorado, Boulder: 1999-2003

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Women's Studies

Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder: 2008-2012

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, 3400 hours

National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

2012- present: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

2012- present: Licensed Acupuncturist

Facial Rejuvenation Certifications

2011: Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

2016: Facial Cupping

Orthopedic Acupuncture and Injection Certifications

2004: Injection and Phlebotomy Certifications

2017: Acu-point Injection Therapy 

2018: Advanced Acu-point Injection Therapy 

2019: Orthopedic Treatment Strategies

2023: Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture

Green tea


It is my goal to work as a team with each patient, to understand your unique needs and work with you toward healing. This means that no two patients are treated alike, and each treatment is customized based on your specific needs and present state

As a result, treatments may include a variety of acupuncture styles and modalities to best meet your needs. These range from very gentle or non-needle techniques such as pediatric shonishin, light therapy, and Japanese-style acupuncture. More stimulating modalities include trigger point release ("dry needling"), and injection therapy. Other techniques such as cupping, gwasha, and electroacupuncture can be performed in both gentle and stronger capacities. 

Each treatment incorporates the very best of holistic care: the elegant simplicity of natural medicine and the effectiveness demonstrated through clinical research.

True healing occurs when the patient and practitioner share the same vision about the nature of the illness and the steps to address it, and both are engaged in the healing process. You will be supported and empowered as an active participant in your own health.

The heart of my practice is you--the patient. I believe strongly in providing compassionate, effective, patient-centered care. This is demonstrated in each treatment, and in other ways such as reduced fees for low income patients and evening hours.

The office

Marine Street Wellness Center

The office is located in the Garden Level of the Marine Street Wellness Center, near the southeast corner of Arapahoe and 28th Street in Boulder. The Marine Street Wellness Center was originally built as a home over 100 years ago and is a beautiful historical marker in the neighborhood. 

Our parking lot is located on the north side of the building, facing the front door. 

The front door of the building is kept locked at all times for security purposes. You will be greeted there at the start of your appointment. 

Restrooms and Eldorado spring water are available inside. Unfortunately, only the entrance of the building is ADA-compliant at this time. The restrooms and office are not currently ADA-compliant. 

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