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Thank you for your interest in recent changes to my insurance network participation. Changes like these are never easy, and great consideration went into the decision to leave the American Specialty Health (ASH) Network.


Years ago, when I joined many major insurance networks, my intention was to increase access to acupuncture care for individuals and families who were already paying insurance premiums and preferred to seek care within their insurance network. Unfortunately, recent changes among these companies have made it unsustainable to maintain network participation and keep my doors open. The goals of increasing access to acupuncture care and providing continuity of care are still paramount. The only difference is that my office is participating in one fewer network now. 

If your insurance plan has been affected by this change, please let me know. I am happy to offer a discounted out-of-pocket rate through 2021 to ensure that this change does not impact your access to health care. 


Anne Devereux, L.Ac.

Insurance Network Changes 

Effective August 8, 2021 Anne Devereux, L.Ac and Hands & Needles Acupuncture will no longer be participating in the American Speciality Health Network. If your insurance coverage may be affected by this change, you may have received a letter via email and/or postal mail this past June.


American Specialty Health (ASH) is an organization that will begin administering acupuncture benefits for all Cigna plans effective September 1, 2021. They have administered several Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for many years.  Currently, a very small number of patients at this office have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans administered through ASH (and we have likely already discussed this fact during one of your appointments). This will change on September 1 when all Cigna plans are included. Due to ASH’s authorization paperwork requirements and a reimbursement rate that is unsustainable at a larger scale, I am unfortunately unable to continue participating in this network.


Below is a list of insurance plans that have acupuncture benefits administered through ASH. If you are unsure whether your plan is affected, you may check the acupuncture benefits section of your coverage documents or call the member services number on your insurance card. Patients with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans listed below will see this change take effect August 8, 2021, likely resulting in your acupuncture claims being processed as "out of network." Patients with Cigna plans will see this change take effect on September 1, 2021.


  • Molina Healthcare 

  • American Specialty Health Group, Inc. National Accounts (ChooseHealthy Program) 

  • American Specialty Health Group, Inc. Seamless Accounts (Benefit Plan) 

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (HMO & POS; Benefit Plan) 

  • HMO Colorado

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Network Access Plan) 

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Workers’ Compensation; Network Access Plan) 

  • Cigna (Benefit Plan) 

  • Providence Health Plan (EPO; Network Access Plan)


Your health, however, remains paramount here. The vision of Hands & Needles Acupuncture is to support and empower patients in their healing process and provide excellent patient-centered care. Ensuring the continuity of your care and maintaining positive progress is very important. You are invited to continue your care here at a discounted cash rate through the end of the calendar year. Details of this offer may be discussed during your next visit or at any time by calling the office.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.




Anne Devereux, L.Ac.

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