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COVID-19 Policies

Hand Hygiene

The past three years have included many challenges in navigating Covid-19 as a community. Your understanding, flexibility, and willingness to adapt have been greatly appreciated. Indeed, it has been this spirit of adaptation and community that has enabled our office to stay open. Your continued support of a small local business is doubly appreciated. Thank you!

New Policies:

Effective April 12, 2023, masks will be optional in the office. 

Our front door remains locked to ensure only providers and patients may access the Marine Street Wellness Center. As such, I will greet you at the front door at the start of your appointment. You are welcome to let me know your masking preference at that time.


Masks are encouraged for higher-risk individuals and those who are unsure of their exposure status due to recent travel, public events, etc.


If you know you have been exposed to Covid, or are experiencing symptoms, please call the office at 303-842-2480 to reschedule your appointment.

The HEPA air filter and routine cleaning procedures remain in place in the office.

Thank you again for your understanding, support, and adaptability. 


In good health, 

Anne Devereux, L.Ac.

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