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Acupuncture is an excellent form of preventative health care and is a powerful way to maintain and improve health over the long term. Making acupuncture a regular part of your schedule is a smart investment in your health and future. Below are package discounts to make this routine more affordable.

Packages of 10 visits:

30 minutes: $385

60 minutes: $725

90 minutes: $1150

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Healthcare should be affordable even when the budget is tight. Below is our sliding fee scale, which is based on 250% of the 2018 Federal Poverty Level.

Individuals with income under $40,400 per year, or households of 4 with income under $83,400 per year.

30 minutes: $36

60 minutes: $68

90 minutes: $108

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Starting in 2022, we are in-network with United Healthcare and out-of-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna. Please note that while Medicare does cover acupuncture, it is only covered for low back pain and only when provided by a Medicare-registered physician. 

If verification of insurance benefits is not completed prior to your appointment, we will be unable to bill your insurance for that visit and cash rate will be charged. 

Please call the office with any questions: 303.842.2480.