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Did not even hurt!        

Petra S. says: I have a fear of needles and Anne made me feel so comfortable. I have acupuncture before and I must say Anne is very gentle and I have experienced little to no pain. She has a lot of knowledge and is very pleasant to work with. She is truly outstanding practitioner and I would recommend her to everyone who is is need.


Inviting, Professional, and Helpful        

Amy H. says: I originally came to see Anne for fertility treatments (now due in August!) and came back to see her for a shoulder problem. Her knowledge, attitude, and level of care is unbeatable. I am constantly recommending her for alternative care.


Great treatment again!​        

Kitty D. says: Once again Anne's experience and expertise was helpful. I can feel the effects of the treatments. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next appointment and the continued good health.



Raquel A. says: Anne gave a great treatment. She is very calm and caring and seems to really know her stuff! I have gotten acupuncture a lot at different places and this was the best! Will definitely be going here from now on.


Great experience​        

Ron C. says: My visit to Anna was fantastic. She has a great manner. Since it was my first visit I am not certain of the results yet but I will write another review in a week or so.


First Acupuncture Appt Ever!​        

Kitty D. says: Anne was a very caring and informative! I was unsure of what to experience and Anne made me feel very comfortable and she answered all of my questions. I felt relaxed and calm by the end of the appointment. I am looking forward to learning more about this process and continued better health!


Very Welcoming​        

Amy H. says: This was my first experience with acupuncture! I had always heard good things about acupuncture and I was interested in receiving fertility care. Anne made me feel very relaxed and she is clearly very knowledgeable. She truly listens and I felt that I was in good hands the whole time. The neck massage at the end for my stress was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend this practitioner!


Facial Acupuncture plus a whole lot more​        

Stephanie K. says: Anne is a very caring practitioner. The acupuncture treatment was wonderful and relaxing. Her tips on some foods to eat to address an issue on building stronger blood were extremely helpful. I am feeling much better after just a couple of days.


Comfort + Care​        

Annie W. says: I couldn't have asked for a better first impression and initial visit with Anne. She spent time reviewing my health/wellness history and really gaining an understanding of my concerns/reasons for the visit, and then brought ease, skill, and personality to the treatment itself. I didn't want to leave - and am looking forward to my next visit!


Lovely soul​        

Suz R. says: Anne is a graceful, gentle soul who is very concerned with one's well being.

Hydrangea. Anne Devereux, L.Ac., owner of Hands & Needles Acupuncture. Provider of comprehensive reproductive health care, sports medicine acupuncture, and micro-needling skin rejuvenation.
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