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Initial Visit- Adults

Intensive Ongoing Care

Skin Rejuvenation

Book 90 minutes for your first appointment (adults). Initial visits include health history, intake, exam, acupuncture, herbal consult if needed, and plan. This appointment length is also for intensive or complex ongoing care, such as musculoskeletal pain in 3-4 areas. This appointment is also for ongoing care with both light therapy and injection therapy skin rejuvenation.




Initial Visit- Pediatrics

Ongoing Care (most common)

Skin Rejuvenation

Book 60 minutes for a child's initial visit or for general ongoing care. This appointment length is also for musculoskeletal pain in 1-2 areas. Add light therapy or injection therapy to ongoing care for $30 each. For both injection and light therapy skin rejuvenation (without ongoing care/ full body balancing acupuncture) book 60 minutes. May include herbal consult if needed.


Physical therapy on leg


Ongoing Care- Pediatrics

Focused Ongoing Care- Adults

Light Therapy Only

Injection Therapy Only

Cold Laser Smoking Cessation

Book 30 minutes for ongoing pediatric care. This appointment length is also for (adult) focused care, such as musculoskeletal pain in only one area, or specific techniques (see list above) without ongoing/ full body balancing acupuncture. For cold laser smoking cessation treatment, add $75. 


I believe strongly in making health care as affordable as possible, while still keeping our doors open. I am also grateful to patients who make acupuncture a regular part of their health routine. Both sliding scale and package discounts are available.


My practice accepts insurance, and I am in-network with United Healthcare. I am happy to provide superbills with diagnosis and procedure codes upon request.


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